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Benefits Of Raised Pet Feeders

Improved Posture

One of the greatest benefits of using a raised pet feeder is improved pet posture. Both large and small dogs are prone to bone and joint strain, especially strains on the hip and shoulder areas. Using a raised pet feeder such as the Neater Feeder can help reduce these aliments. The ergonomically correct Neater Feeder design is unlike most raised pet bowls because it is adjustable and comes in many sizes to ensure proper dining height. We do not have a one-size fits all standard raised dog bowl like most companies. This feature allows you to ensure your elevated dog bowl is kept at the height that allows maximum comfort for your dog.

Ensuring proper meal time posture helps reduce stress on dog's joints that can lead to severe problems such as osteoarthritis or cumulative degenerative disorder. Raised dog bowls can also make dining more comfortable for senior canines or dogs already suffering from joint or bone disorders.

Reduced Neck Strain

In addition to helping aid proper pet posture, elevated dog feeders can also reduce neck strain. This is true for pets of all sizes, larger pets don't have to bend down as far, and smaller pets don't have to reach as high to eat.

Reducing neck strain can aid in digestion. When pets eat from raised dog feeders at the proper height with proper posture, it further aids in preventing unnecessary joint strain to the shoulder and canine wrist areas. Pets will be more apt to finish meals from the elevated dog feeder because they are dining at a comfortable level. Reducing neck and joint strain is very important to your pet's overall health. It can make life easier for older or arthritic dogs when you use a raised pet feeder such as the Neater Feeder.

Improved Digestion

Just as humans can suffer from digestion problems, so can dogs. Dogs experience similar systems from poor digestion such as sour stomachs, gas and bloating. Ensure your dog can properly digest the meal you are providing by using a raised dog bowl such as The Neater Feeder.

The Neater Feeder is unlike other raised dog bowls because it is available in different sizes to accommodate your pet's height, and it has adjustable leg extensions for further customization. We don't offer standard one-size fits all raised pets feeders, because all pets are not the same size, so their elevated feeder needs to be properly sized.

The ergonomically designed Neater Feeder will help ensure your pet better digests their meal. The proper feeding height provided by our raised dog bowls allows food to travel from the mouth to the stomach faster and makes swallowing easier. It's important to ease meal times for senior dogs and pets with swallowing disorders such as mega-esophagus disorder. Using elevated dog feeders can also reduce gas and bloating because dogs are less likely to gulp their food and water. Raised dog bowls also reduce the amount of air that dogs intake when eating, which can also prevent gas and bloating.

Promote healthy digestion in your dog by using an elevated dog feeder such as the Neater Feeder.

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