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Benefits of Using A Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Dish is very beneficial for you and your pet. We created the Neater Feeder elevated pet dish to eliminate the most common problems experienced during pet feeding. We wanted to prevent food and water from ending up all over the floor or wall, either from a messy pet or from human error such as tripping. We also wanted to create a comfortable dining experience for your pet. By using the Neater Feeder pet dish, your pet's food will stay in place as they dine, and the elevated design will allow your pet to feed in a more comfortable and natural position. Discover these and other benefits of the revolutionary Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System.

Mess Proof Pet Feeding

The Neater Feeder is leading the way, creating the first mess proof pet feeder. Our patented pet feeder design makes pet meals less of a chore. You are probably familiar with the hassles of cleaning your pet's feeding area of both spilled food and water. Now you can make cleaning up meal time messes a breeze, because the Neater Feeder confines the mess for a later cleanup. The unique two container design is key in mess proof feeding. The top reservoir confines any food spillage, while spilled water drains to the lower level through a colander-like mechanism. Food and water will no longer end up on your floor with this pet feeding system. Simply remove the top reservoir and empty any contents then drain the lower level as needed - clean up is easy!

Protect Floors & Walls

Pet food and water spills can quickly ruin flooring, especially carpeting, natural wood, or linoleum floor tiles. Save yourself the cost of a floor repair, and buy a Neater Feeder - it's the first mess proof pet feeder on the market. The Neater Feeder traps food and water spills, preventing them from ever reaching your floor. The patented design of the Neater Feeder keeps food morsels contained on the upper container, and spilled water drains below in the lower container where it can easily be disposed of or recycled for later use. The Neater Feeder protects floors and walls from sloppy eaters as well as human clumsiness. Even if your pet is a neat eater, we're sure you or your children have accidentally kicked or tripped over the water bowl, making it spill all over the floor or wall. Plus the rubber feet protect floors from scratches and dents. The Neater Feeder will help protect your floor from such accidents, preventing damage to flooring and slipping accidents.

Comfortable Pet Dining Experience

Allow your pet to dine in comfort with the Neater Feeder raised pet dish. The raised design helps prevents taller dogs from crouching down to eat from their bowls, putting less strain on their neck and allowing for better digestion. Neater Feeder also is ideal for small pets, because they no longer have to strain their necks upward to reach over tall dish edges. The shelled top container of the Neater Feeder also gives your pet eating privacy. Other pets will find it difficult to be able to sneak food morsels while another pet is eating. This is especially important for cats that are very private animals, and any pet who is protective or aggressive with their food. The rubber feet on the Neater Feeder also prevent the pet dishes from moving on the floor, so your pet won't be chasing after his/her food. It will stay in place as they feast.

Teaches Kids How To Feed Your Pets

Children love animals and often want to contribute to the care of the family pet. One of the best tasks for children to help with pet care is to feed them daily. Young children may be prone to spilling water or dropping food as they fill pet dishes, but the Neater Feeder will ensure that the mess is easy to clean up. The raised Neater Feeder Dishes offer two openings for the pet's dishes so children can easily place them in the correct spot. Any accidental water or food spills will be contained by the Neater Feeder. Without the mess, your child will feel great that they can help out in caring for the family pet.

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