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1.Patented Two Level Filter System

Only the Neater Feeder dog feeder offers patented mess-proof technology, saving your floors and walls from pet dining disasters. The patented two level colander-like filtering system actually contains and separates spilled pet food and water without a mess on your floor. The contoured upper basin collects any spilled food morsels that you can add back into your pet's food bowl, or discard. Meanwhile, spilled water seeps through the filter to the bottom reservoir where you empty it back into your pet's water bowl, recycle it by watering a house plant, or simply pour it down the drain. Either way, you won't have to worry about pet food and pet water making a mess on your flooring or walls. Using the Neater Feeder will also give you, the pet owner, a more convenient way of cleaning up. Both reservoirs can hold a large amount of food and water, so you can wait a couple days before clean up if you are too busy to do it immediately after your pet finishes eating.


2. Standard Size Pet Bowl Openings

The top level of the Neater Feeder Mess-Proof Dog Feeder contains two openings for two dog feeding bowls, one slot for a dog water bowl and one for a dog food bowl. The Neater Feeder Dog Feeder is available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, and each one has openings for the properly sized dog feeding bowls. The small dog Neater Feeder, which is meant for smaller dogs and puppies, contains openings for two standard size two cup dog dishes. Standard quart sized, or four cups dog bowls, fit perfectly in the openings on the Medium Dog Neater Feeder. Finally, the proper dog bowl size for the Large Neater Feeder is a standard two quart, or eight cup dog bowl. With the Neater Feeder, you can use your existing dog dishes or use the stainless steel dog bowls that come with each Neater Feeder.


3. Two Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

For your convenience, and for added style, each Neater Feeder Mess-Proof Dog Feeder comes with two stainless steel dog bowls for use in the Neater Feeder. If you purchase a Large Neater Feeder, you will receive two stainless steel dog bowls in a standard two quart, or eight cup size. One stainless steel dog bowl should be used for water, while the other dog bowl is reserved for food. Medium Neater Feeders come with two standard one quart or four cup stainless steel dog dishes. Again, one stainless steel dog dish should be used for water and the other for food. Finally, the Small Neater Feeder will come packed with two stainless steel dog bowls in a standard two cup size. This is the perfect sized dog bowl for all small dogs and puppies. Simply fill one stainless steel dog bowl with water, and the second stainless steel dog dish with food and you'll be ready to serve a mess-proof meal.


4. Non-Skid Rubber Padded Feet

One of the unique features of the Neater Feeder Mess-Proof Dog Feeder is the rubber padded feet. The bottom level of every Neater Feeder contains four feet with rubber padding on the bottom. These standard rubber feet serve two essential purposes. First, the rubber feet prevent the Neater Feeder Dog Feeder from sliding on floors or counter tops as your pet dines. Larger dogs can push their bowl around the floor as they try and savor that last morsel of food, but without movement, your dog can gobble up every bite with ease. Plus, your floor won't be littered with a food and water trail. The second purpose of the rubber feet is to help protect floors and counters from scratches. Not only does the Neater Feeder dog feeder prevent food and water from staining your floors and walls, but the rubber feet reduce potential scratches as well.


5. Contoured Wall

While the bottom level of the Neater Feeder features rubber feet, the top level has a tall, contoured wall. This wall contributes to a mess-proof meal in several ways. First, the contoured wall helps contain any pet food spills, preventing food from reaching the floor, wall or counter. Second, the contoured wall also contains a curved opening where pets can easily reach their food and water bowls. This provides pets with a comfortable dining experience, while reducing neck strain and promoting better digestion. Finally, this contoured wall acts as a "privacy fence" for your pet. Your pet can only reach the food and water through the curved opening, so other household pets will have a hard time interfering while the other pet feasts. Some animals are protective of their food and water, so it's important for each pet to be able to dine in privacy.


6. Optional Leg Extensions

When you purchase a Neater Feeder Dog Feeder, many accessories are available to help enhance your pet's dining experience further. One of the most popular Neater Feeder Accessories are the Neater Feeder Leg Extensions. These optional accessories easily snap onto the existing legs of the bottom reservoir of the Neater Feeder Dog Feeder. This accessory adds an additional height element, which is perfect for taller dogs and puppies. By using the leg extensions, your Neater Feeder can grow an extra 3 inches. The Large Neater Feeder Leg extensions increase the height from 8" to 11" off the floor. Medium Neater Feeder Leg Extensions increase the height from 5" to 7.5". The small Neater Feeder leg extensions offers an increase in height from 3" to 4.5" off the floor. Each pack of leg extensions includes 4 leg extensions, one for each leg of the Neater Feeder.

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