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How Neater Feeder Works

Neater Feeders work to help make pet feeding times less messy and more comfortable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Traditional pet dishes are prone to spills for many reasons - from a messy pet to a clumsy human. When you use regular pet dishes, your floors are often covered in stains and may incur water damage if you do not clean up pet messes immediately. This problem is eliminated when you use the Neater Feeder, the world's first mess proof pet feeder. Its mess proof, kick proof, spill proof and even ant-proof, for those pets residing in warm climates.

Our Neater Feeder Pet Feeder makes meal time for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens mess proof due to its patented 2 level filter system. The top reservoir sits atop the lower reservoir and has openings for two pet bowls, one for food and one for water. It contains a unique colander-like filter that drains spilled water into the lower reservoir, while keeping food particles on the top level. This eliminates food waste - pets can eat spilled food, ensuring they get the proper amount of food. The lower reservoir collects water from sloppy pets, or water that spills when you kick or bump into the feeder, which can be disposed of easily even days after the mess occurs. With the Neater Feeder pet feeder the mess is contained, and you'll never have food and water on your floor again. This will help prevent floor damage, and create a safer environment for your family and your pet.

The Neater Feeder's design also works to provide your pet with better health! Traditional raised pet bowls still create messes, and are often the wrong height for your pet. We have 3 sizes of Neater Feeder Raised Pet Bowls to choose from, so your pet can dine at the appropriate height. This feature helps prevents unnecessary neck and joint strain and promotes better food digestion. The contoured wall of the top reservoir also ensures your pet can dine in privacy, which can help prevent meal-time stresses that can occur with food-possessive pets. This feature also helps prevents other pets in the home from eating another pet's food, which can be another meal time benefit.

As you can see the Neater Feeder raised pet dish is easy to use, and works to promote a mess-free meal time and improve the health of your pet.

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