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How To Assemble Your Neater Feeder

When your Neater Feeder arrives, we know you'll be excited to begin using it right away. We've designed the Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder to effectively contain and separate spilled pet food and water. Plus, it's easy to assemble so your floors and walls can be cleaner.

First, you'll want to open up the box the Neater Feeder is packed in and remove the contents. Inside you will find the top reservoir, the bottom reservoir, and two stainless steel pet food bowls.

Begin by placing the bottom reservoir (the piece without the two pet food bowl openings) on the floor where your pet will be dining. This piece is a gold color on all Neater Feeder Models. You can attach any Neater Feeder Leg Extensions to the piece at this time. You'll notice that the bottom reservoir also features rubber grips to prevent the Neater Feeder from sliding on or scratching your floor. This piece is where any spilled water will drain into.

Next, take the top reservoir and place it on top of the bottom reservoir with contoured opening facing the front. It should fit into place easily. This piece should be gold or cranberry in color, depending on your choice. It also features two openings to place the stainless steel pet bowls. You can also place your existing dog or cat dishes in this opening if they fit.

After you have completed the setup of the two reservoirs, simply place your pet's bowls into the pet food bowl openings on the Neater Feeder, and fill with food and water for your pet.

As your pet dines, watch as the food morsels are contained in the top reservoir, where you can discard it or save it for later feedings. Any spilled water should drain to the bottom level of the Neater Feeder. To empty spilled water, simply remove the top reservoir and empty the bottom reservoir back into your pet's water dish, a plant or down the drain. You should not have any food or water on your floor or wall. After the Neater Feeder has been emptied, simply snap it back together for the next meal.

Pet food and water can be refilled while the pet bowls are in the Neater Feeder, or they can be removed, filled and put back in place.

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