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Hello Friends,

My name is Duke, and I'm the Spokesdog for the award-winning Neater Feeder! I'm also the original sloppy dog, and the inspiration for the bestselling pet product ever!

Life has been busy since I became a spokesdog, but I love every minute of it. You see, before my current owners adopted me, I was on the fast track to spending my life in the shelter due to my poor eating habits.

I had been placed in 3 homes in my short 2 years. My third owners didn't even make it home with me they turned the car around and dropped me back off at the Rescue Shelter for German Wirehaired Pointers. But then my current owners came along, and we are all grateful they did.

They were kind enough to look past my bad eating habits like eating scrambled eggs off the stove, and worked to help me become a neat eater.

My parents invented the Neater Feeder, which helped me become the first formerly sloppy pet. My siblings Bama and Dakota are neat eaters now too. Once they saw how the Neater Feeder helped me, they decided to sell it, so all sorts of pets like me could improve their eating habits - and for some it's the difference between an shelter and a home. I am so grateful that I found such a loving home, and that I can now use my story to help other pets.

So if the Neater Feeder has helped you become a formerly sloppy pet, tell me. I will share your story on my blog! I love blogging with my pet friends - its one of the perks of being a spokesdog!

Duke's Stats

  • Age: 10 years young
  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Favorite Toy: Whatever my brother Bama and sister Dakota are playing with!
  • Favorite Snack: Whatever "people food" I can sneak from the table - Whatever is put in my Neater Feeder
  • Favorite Pastimes: Begging for treats, taking naps, playing with my siblings, chasing squirrels & birds, and barking at the mailman
  • Favorite Movies: 101 Dalmatians, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marley and Me, Beethoven
  • Favorite Song: "Who Let The Dogs Out"
  • Favorite TV Shows: Lassie, Scooby Doo, The Dog Whisperer
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