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Pet Products Neater Feeder Can Replace

The Patented Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder is the most award winning pet product ever! The Neater Feeder is the first mess proof, kick proof, spill proof and ant proof pet feeder for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Designed to protect floors and walls from pet food messes, the Neater Feeder's exclusive two container system works to contain and separate spilled pet food and water for easy clean up. The dog Neater Feeder sizes are all raised off the ground for further pet comfort and convenience. The Neater Feeder eliminates the need for some traditional pet products such as raised pet dishes, and pet place mats. Learn how the Neater Feeder out-performs standard raised pet dishes and pet place mats, you'll see soon see why the Neater Feeder is the preferred pet feeder among a growing number of pet owners.

How Neater Feeder Replaces Traditional Raised Pet Dishes

There are many forms of traditional raised pet dishes on the market today. Many of these raised pet dishes are only available in one standard height size. The patented Neater Feeder mess proof pet dish is better than traditional elevated dog dishes because it is available in 3 sizes, and also offers optional leg extensions to meet the height requirement for all sized dogs and puppies. Having improper dining height can actually harm your pet, while dining at a proper height can help with digestion and neck strain. The Neater Feeder offers several sizes from small to large to ensure that every pet can dine at a comfortable level. Check out our size chart to see which size is ideal for your pet.

Furthermore, traditional raised pet bowls do not contain or separate spilled food and water like the Neater Feeder does. When using other elevated pet bowls, spilled food and water often still ends up on the floor and place mats are often required at that point. The Neater Feeder's unique colander system contains spilled food in the upper shell, while spilled water drains to the lower reservoir where it can easily be removed instead of ending up on surrounding floors and walls.

How Neater Feeder Replaces Pet Place Mats

Many pet owners have resorted to spending money on place mats to place under regular pet feeding dishes or traditional raised pet bowls to attempt to contain pet food and water messes. When you buy a Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten, you can toss that place mat in the garbage for good. The Neater Feeder's patented mess proof design actually contains and separates spilled pet food and water without it ending up on your floor or wall. The top level of the Neater Feeder Pet Dish contains any spilled food morsels that you can either discard or re-use. The top level also contains a colander that allows spilled water droplets to seep to a lower reservoir for later disposal or re-use. Spilled food and water will never end up on the floor again. Plus, it will contain any accidental spillage caused by human error when placing food down, or bumping the pet bowl as you walk by. As you can see, that pet place mat will be history when you start using the Neater Feeder to feed your dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

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