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Raised Pet Feeders Protect Floor Surfaces

No matter what type of flooring or surface you will be feeding your pet on from tile to carpeting, the Neater Feeder raised pet feeder protects them all.

Raised Pet Feeders Protect Tile

Most people place their cat food dishes and dog food dishes on the kitchen floor because tile flooring often found in kitchens is extremely durable and easy to clean. While it may be simple to wipe up pet food and water spills from a tile floor, it is possible for pet food and water to stain the surface. Using a raised dog bowl or raised cat bowl, like the Neater Feeder will almost eliminate the change of food and water stains on tile. The Neater Feeder, unlike like other raised dog bowls or cat dishes actually collects and separates spilled food and water inside two reservoirs, so it never ends up on the floor.

Raised Pet Feeders Protect Hardwood

Water damage can ruin hardwood flooring for good. It can also be very costly to repair. One of the most common causes of water damage on kitchen hardwood floors is from spilled pet water. Water droplets splash out of a pet dish easily when a pet is drinking, or when a human bumps the dish. When water gets below the cat or dog food dish, a unsightly water ring can also occur on your flooring. The Neater Feeder is the only raised dog bowl and cat bowl to actually contain all spilled water in a unique reservoir. The design in this dog and cat dish also prevents that unsightly water ring beneath the dog or cat bowl. Keep your hardwood floors free from water damage by using the Neater Feeder raised pet feeder.

Raised Pet Feeders Protect Carpeting

Whether you have kids or pets, spills and stains are bound to occur on your carpeting. While you may not be able to prevent stains caused by children, you can prevent stains caused by spilled water and food from dog bowls and cat bowls by using the only raised pet feeder on the market that contains and separates spilled pet food and water. This unique raised pet feeder is called the Neater Feeder. When you use this raised pet feeder on your carpeted floors, pet food and water spills and stains will be a thing of the past. It will prolong the life of your carpeting and reduce carpet cleaning costs.

Raised Pet Feeders Protect Counter Tops

Many pet owners with both dogs and cats will feed place cat dishes on the counter to prevent the dog from eating cat food from the cat bowls. Kitchen counter tops are shared with humans, and there is nothing worse than spilled water and cat food littered across your counter top. This problem can be eliminated by using the Neater Feeder raised cat feeder. It's the only cat dish made to collect and separate cat food and water before it makes it to the counter. When you use this specialty cat bowl, you'll only have to worry about cleaning out the food and water from the feeder reservoirs, not your counter.

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