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The 3 Neater Feeder Proofs

1. Mess-Proof

The Neater Feeder Pet Feeder is the world's first Mess-Proof Pet Feeder! The Neater Feeder is designed for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens of all sizes to enjoy a mess-free meal time. Mess-free meals make pet owners happy because floors and walls remain free from stains, pet food and water spillage. Pets also enjoy the ergonomically designed Neater Feeder raised pet bowl, because it allows them to feast at the proper height, helping to improve posture, aide in digestion and help prevents joint and neck strain.

Most raised pet feeders are not mess-proof because they don't have the patented two filter system that the Neater Feeder features. The top layer collects food spillage that can either be re-used or discarded. Water spills cause by sloppy drinking or humans bumping the food bowls, drains to the bottom reservoir where it can later be discarded or re-used. No food or water will end up on your floor, helping to prevent floor damage and trips and falls.

2. Spill-Proof

In addition to sloppy drinking habits such a gulping, the next common cause of pet water spills is human error. People frequently bump their pet's food and water dishes on the floor, causing the contents to spill on the floor or splash on the walls. This can cause water damage and stains from wet pet food. It can also be a slip and fall hazard. These problems are eliminated when you use the Neater Feeder Pet Feeder. The Neater Feeder is virtually spill-proof. The contoured walls of the top reservoir of the Neater Feeder prevent excess food and water from hitting the floor. Excess food is contained in the top reservoir, while pet water seeps to the lower reservoir. Whether your pet is messy eater, or the owner is clumsy, the Neater Feeder will defend against all pet food and water spills.

3. Ant-Proof

The third Neater Feeder proof is "ant-proof." The Neater Feeder's patented design is virtually ant and pest proof. This is an important feature, especially for pets who reside in the south where household insects are a problem. Ants and bugs carry bacteria that can enter your pet's food and water if the ants are drinking or eating it. The raised design allows for food and water to stay clear of bugs. Also, like other raised pet feeders, the Neater Feeder's design prevents bacteria from growing beneath food bowls. Since water and food cannot collect around the edges and bottom of the pet bowls, bacteria does not have a warm, wet place to grow, helping to keep your pet healthy.

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