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The Neater Feeder Helps Elderly Pets

No one likes to see their pet age, or become ill. But using a raised pet feeder, such as the Neater Feeder can help your elderly pet eat with ease. The raised pet feeders by Neater Feeder are perfect for reducing muscle strain and promoting digestion that is crucial for the ongoing health of aging cats and dogs. Find out how raised pet feeders can help your elderly pet live a longer, healthier life.

Raised Pet Feeders Help Elderly Dogs

It's difficult to watch a pet age, especially if it's your dog. Of course, you should begin using raised dog dishes like the Neater Feeder as young as possible to promote healthy, properly aligned joints and muscles. Raised dog feeders also help promote better digestion, which leads to a healthy weight and provides other dog health benefits. These benefits over a lifetime mean your dog will be less likely to develop common aging problems such as arthritis. If you elderly pet does have a health condition, using a raised dog bowl will help make meal time easier for your pet, by promoting proper eating positioning and better food digestion. Whether you are using Neater Feeder raised dog bowls to prevent health problems, or help make life easier for an elderly pet, you're making a great choice.

Raised Pet Feeders Help Elderly Cats

Cats generally live long, active lives! After all they have 9 lives to use up. Ensure your cat stays healthy as long as possible by using a specialty cat bowl such as the Neater Feeder. The design of the Cat Neater Feeder, will help reduce neck and joint strain caused by traditional cat bowls. Additionally the Neater Feeder cat bowl will help promote healthy digestion - which is especially beneficial to older cats, ensuring they get their essential nutrients. To further help elderly cats, make sure that you use a senior cat food when filling your cat's dishes.

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