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The Neater Feeder For Cats & Kittens is the Premier Cat Food and Water Dish

The original Neater Feeder is the premier cat food dish for cats and kittens. Many specialty pet dishes are designed for dogs, but we love cats as well, so we made a Neater Feeder for cats too. In fact we have met some pretty sloppy cats, some of them are even more sloppy than dogs because they like to play with their food. The Neater Feeder for cats and kittens is perfect for just that!

Perfect For Wet Or Dry Cat Food

Many cat owners like yourselves, feed your cat a combination of wet and dry food. We designed the Neater Feeder cat bowl to combat food messes caused by both types of cat food. If you feed your cat wet cat food in a standard cat bowl, it is likely to be littered on the floor and wall, leaving stains when it dries. Cats can't pick up wet food like dry food, so it can be difficult and messy to eat. If your cat loves eating dry food, it's possible that your cat will take the food from the cat bowl and play with it before eating it. This could cause much of the food to be littered across the floor instead of being eaten. The cat Neater Feeder contains all cat food messes within the contoured walls of the top reservoir, preventing messes on the floor while helping to ensure your cat eats their entire meal.

Extra Cat Bowls For Multiple Cats

If you own multiple cats, as many cat owners do, there are three options to enjoy your Neater Feeder. One option is to purchase one cat sized Neater Feeder for each cat, ensuring each animal has their own food dish. Another option many cat owners take advantage of is purchasing a small sized Neater Feeder. This cat food dish is larger than the standard cat Neater Feeder and works well with multiple cats. Finally, just purchase one cat sized Neater Feeder and enough extra stainless steel cat bowls to ensure each cat has their own bowl. Cats will feel more comfortable when they smell their own scent on their own dish, which will help prevent mealtime fights.

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