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Types Of Neater Feeder Accessories

Extra Pet Bowls

Extra Pet Bowls are essential for any Neater Feeder user. Since stainless steel dog and cat bowls are dishwasher safe, it might come in handy to keep an extra set of stainless steel pet bowls on hand to use while other pet dishes are being washed. If you have more than one pet, it may also be a good idea to have a separate set of stainless steel feeding bowls so each pet has their own food dish. Pets are very sensitive to smells and may be discouraged using another animals' food or water dish.

Neater Feeder offers 4 sizes of stainless steel pet dishes to choose from. Select our standard two quart or eight cup stainless steel pet bowls if you have a large Neater Feeder. Medium Neater Feeders utilize standard 1 quart or 4 cup stainless steel dog bowls. Standard 2 cup stainless steel pet dishes are available for our small Neater Feeder. Finally, the Cat Neater Feeder holds standard one cup stainless steel pet bowls.

Leg Extensions

Leg Extensions are the most popular Neater Feeder accessory. Our Leg Extensions are available in 3 sizes, one size for each size of Neater Feeder Pet Feeder. The Large Neater Feeder should utilize the Large Neater Feeder Leg Extensions, which will raise the feeder from 8" to 11" for large dogs. All Neater Feeder Leg Extensions come in a 4-pack, so you can attach one extension to each leg of the Neater Feeder. Medium Neater Feeder Leg Extensions raise the Medium Neater Feeder from 5" to 7.5", making it more ideal for taller medium sized dogs and puppies. The Small Neater Feeder Leg Extensions will help taller small dogs reach the proper feeding height, raising the bowl from 3" to 4.5" off the floor. All of the leg extensions are equipped with rubber non-skid pads, just as the Neater Feeder base to prevent scratches to the floor.

Non-Skid Pads

Non-Skid Pads are a great Neater Feeder Accessory. When one of the rubber pads wears out on your Neater Feeder, replacing it will ensure your floors are protected from scratches. It's also important to ensure each leg of the Neater Feeder base has the non-skid pads attached; if one is missing the base could become unstable. The non-skid pads also ensure the food and water bowls stay in place as your pet eats. You'll never have to watch your pet chase their bowl across the floor, leaving a messy trail of pet food and water behind them again when you use the non-skid pads with your Neater Feeder.

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