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Types Of Neater Feeders

Our revolutionary Neater Feeder is the first patented mess proof pet feeder. There are currently two types of Neater Feeders available to help make pet meals less messy. The first type is the Neater Feeder for dogs and puppies. The second is the Neater Feeder for cats and kittens. Both of these pet feeders will provide your pet with a comfortable dining experience, and protect your floors and walls from pet food debris. Learn more about each type of Neater Feeder for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, and how it will help you and your pet.

Dog Neater Feeders

The original Neater Feeder was designed for dogs and puppies. Since its debut in 2009, we have added more sizes to allow dogs of all sizes to have a clean, comfortable meal time. Our elevated dog feeders come in three sizes to better accommodate all dogs. The Large Neater Feeder is an elevated dog bowl designed for large dogs 40 pounds and up. The medium size Neater Feeder raised dog dish is specially made for dogs weighing 15-40 pounds. Finally, the small dog Neater Feeder is sized for all dogs and puppies less than 15 pounds. Each dog dish is elevated to a proper height for dogs of these sizes. Adjustable leg extensions are available to further accommodate pets. The raised design provides less neck strain on dogs as they bend to eat. In addition to less neck strain, raised pet dishes allow pets to better digest food, which leads to better health. The walls of the top reservoir prevent excess food morsels from reaching the floor and provide pets with extra privacy as they eat. This is especially helpful for dogs that are possessive with their food, or in homes with multiple pets. The lower reservoir, which gives the Neater Feeder its height, collects all spilled water spilled by humans when they bump the feeder, or by dogs and puppies as they lap up water.

Cat Neater Feeders

Soon after creating the dog Neater Feeder, we realized that cats and kittens make quite a mess when they eat as well, especially if you feed your cat wet food. Cats and Kittens are curious, and love to play with their food, which also contributes to cat food and water messes. Our Cat Neater Feeder is the only mess proof cat dish on the market, and is designed for cats and kittens of any size. The Cat Neater Feeder is a mess proof cat dish that prevents the mess that comes along with meal time. It features a top and lower reservoir to collect excess food and water respectively. The walls of the top reservoir also provide cats with privacy as they dine. This feature is extremely helpful if you have a dog that tries to eat your cat's food or an especially private cat. Cat Neater Feeders can be used with wet or dry cat food. Our mess proof cat dishes will also protect your walls and flooring from food stains and wet floors that may cause humans to slip and fall.

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