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What Is A Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder is a patented pet feeding system, which is designed to take the mess out of meal times. Neater Feeder Raised Pet Dishes contain the spills, splashes and splatter that result from feeding your pets, and dramatically reduces the mess and damage to floors and walls that often occur around pet feeding areas.

Neater Feeder works to save your floors and walls from food and water stains with a unique two container system with protective walls and a colander-like filtering system, which separates spilled food from spilled water. Spilled food morsels are contained in the upper reservoir, while excess water is filtered into the lower reservoir. Excess water can then be easily poured out days later. You won't have to rush to clean up spills anymore when you use the Neater Feeder raised pet dish.

Neater Feeders are available in three sizes to best fit the size of your pet. Large Neater Feeders are designed for large dogs weighing over 35 pounds with a shoulder height of 15-21 inches. Medium Neater Feeders are specially made for medium sized dogs weighing 15-40 pounds and have a shoulder height of 9-16 inches. Small Neater Feeders are perfect for small dogs and puppies that weigh less than 15 pounds. The small Neater Feeder is also frequently used in homes with multiple cats. We also offer a Cat Neater Feeder, which is a cat feeder designed for all sized cats and kittens.

Every Neater Feeder is also equipped with rubber inserts that will further prevent floor damages by reducing scratches and dents caused by other pet feeders. The rubber backings will also ensure that the Neater Feeder does not slide across the floor as your pet gobbles up their food.

The Neater Feeder's contoured design is comfortable for cats and dogs of any size, and also helps give privacy to your pet while they dine. This is a great feature of the raised pet dishes, as many pets are possessive over food and is ideal for households with multiple pets. The raised pet feeders, such as the Neater Feeder, also provide health benefits, such as reduced neck and joint strain and better digestion. Optional Neater Feeder leg extensions increase feeding height for taller animals.

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