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Who Uses Neater Feeder

Since the Neater Feeder was designed, pet lovers from all pet industries have praised the Neater Feeder's mess proof feeding system. It's one of the most functional pet products on the market, offering pets and pet owners many benefits including mess free meal times and better pet health. In addition to pet owners, many pet industries are taking notice and using the Neater Feeders to assist pets in their pet businesses. See who else uses the Neater Feeder, and how it works for them.

Pet Owners

Attention Pet Owners: The Neater Feeder is only pet feeder you will ever need. Pet owners are the most common user of the Neater Feeder mess proof pet feeder. Since its debut in 2009, thousands of pet owners have traded their traditional pet bowls for the patented mess proof Neater Feeder. Even the President, Barack Obama has been sent a Neater Feeder for the first dog to use. The Neater Feeder provides pet owners of all size dogs and cats a raised pet feeding system at the appropriate height to promote better digestion and help relieve neck and joint strain. Pet owners also enjoy the benefit of clean floors and walls, because the Neater Feeder pet dish contains all pet meal messes from human error to sloppy eaters. Pet owners can also teach their children how to feed the family pet without the mess by using the Neater Feeder. It contains all food particles on the top reservoir, while water seeps to the lower reservoir instead of your floor.


In Kennels there are many types of pets running around, which can create numerous problems when it comes time to feed the animals. Some pets in the kennel have never been around other pets. This means they can get very possessive over their food if they believe that the other animals will try and eat it. The Neater Feeder helps eliminate this problem. The top reservoir of the Neater Feeder raised pet bowl includes a tall edge with a contoured opening, providing a comfortable, private dining experience. The pet who is eating from the pet feeder is the only one who can access the food and water, making it difficult for other pets to try and eat food other than their own.

Neater Feeders are also beneficial in Kennels because they are mess proof. With so many pets and workers running around, food and water dishes can get spilled or knocked over quite easily. When Kennels use Neater Feeders, pet food is contained in the top reservoir while water drains to the lower reservoir, instead of the floor. Not having food and water debris on the floor will help prevent accidents such as slipping, and tripping caused by water pools.


Neater Feeders help Veterinarians teach owners how to properly feed and nourish their pet. Many Veterinarians have endorsed the Neater Feeder for its health benefits. Our Neater Feeder raised pet dishes are unlike most other raised pet feeders. Traditional raised pet feeders are only available in one height, which means many pets are still not eating in the proper position. Neater Feeder offers 3 sizes of raised pet dishes, so you can choose the proper size for your pet based on their weight and shoulder height. The various sizes ensure your pet's food is at the proper level, where they can comfortably feast with reduced neck and joint strain. Eating at the proper height also promoted healthy digestion. Veterinarians also let pet owners know that adjustable leg extensions are available to help ensure their Neater Feeder raised pet dish is kept at the appropriate level.


Similar to the Kennel, many pets and workers are running around the groomer. Since animals have to wait for owners to pick them up, the dogs are often given food and water while they wait. With so many pets and humans, the possibility for the water dish to be spilled is much greater. Spilled water can be dangerous at the groomer, causing workers and pets to slip and fall, resulting in injury. The mess proof Neater Feeder ensures that spilled food and water are less hazardous by containing the spill, which helps to prevent injury to humans and pets. Neater Feeders self-contain spilled food and water in two unique reservoirs for easy clean up.

Another similarity to the kennel, many pets are possessive of food and water, and with so many other animals around, it's important to provide each pet with a private eating area. The tall edge of the top reservoir of the Neater Feeder provides just that, privacy for pets to eat and drink so there is less worry about other pets trying to sneak morsels of food.

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