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Set of Leg Extensions for the Cat and Small Neater Feeders Set of Leg Extensions for the Large Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder Accessories

Neater Feeder Accessories include leg extensions, non-skid rubber inserts and extra feeding bowls to maximize the usage of your Neater Feeder Mess Proof Pet Feeder. You will find endless ways to help provide comfort and ease to your pet's dining experience with Neater Feeder Accessories.

Leg Extensions

Neater Feeder Leg Extensions are the most popular Neater Feeder accessory, giving added height to the raised or elevated pet bowl. Like Neater Feeder Pet Feeders, the Neater Feeder Leg extensions are available in 3 sizes to fit with the size of Neater Feeder you are using. Adding extra height can help larger pets have an even more comfortable dining experience. The Large Neater Feeder Leg extensions increase the height from 8" to 11" off the floor. Medium Neater Feeder Leg Extensions increase the height from 5" to 7.5". The small Neater Feeder leg extensions offers an increase in height from 3" to 4.5" off the floor. Each pack of leg extensions includes 4 leg extensions, one for each leg of the Neater Feeder.

Extra Pet Bowls

Extra bowls are another great Neater Feeder Accessory. It's crucial to have additional stainless steel dog or cat bowls on hand in case one of your existing bowls needs to be replaced. Many owners of multiple pets also keep additional pet bowls on hand so each pet can have their own dishes with their own scent. Our Stainless Steel Pet Bowls are available in all standard sizes to fit each Neater Feeder Model. If you have Large Neater Feeder, select the 7 cup standard food bowl or 9 cup extra capacity water bowl. Medium Neater Feeder users should choose the 3.5 cup standard food bowl or 5 cup extra capacity water bowl. If you have the cat or small Neater Feeder choose from either the 1 cup standard food bowl, 1.5 cup standard food bowl, 1.5 cup extra capacity water bowl, or 2.2 cup extra capacity water bowl.

Non-Skid Rubber Inserts

Every Neater Feeder includes a set of non-skid rubber inserts that attach to the legs of the Neater Feeder base. These non-skid rubber inserts are designed to help keep the Neater Feeder Pet Feeder in place as your pet dines, and to prevent scratches and dents to floor surfaces. These accessories are meant to last for years, but in the event one falls out during travel, or they need to be replaced, we offer a set of replacement non-skid rubber inserts that work with all sizes of the Neater Feeder. Ensure your floors stay scratch free and keep an extra set of rubber inserts for your Neater Feeder at hand.

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